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Julije Knifer at Museum of Slavonia, Osijek, Croatia

The exhibited works are on loan from the collection of Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, which will exhibit a large retrospective of Julije Knifer's work in the Fall of works from the 70s up until the last century.  These works are presented along side a selection of documents, which are kept in the Archive of Visual Arts Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. IzloĹžba was established by the Ministry of Culture and the city of Osijek, which provided the Museum of Slavonia with the funds to purchase one of Knifer drawings, which is also featured in the exhibition.

Julije Knifer is one of the most prominent Croatian artists of the 20th century.  Knifer is known primarily for his experimentation with the 'meander': a basic and distinctive motif he rendered in numerous variations through various techniques - from pencil to oil paintings, collages and murals.

The exhibition will be at the Museum of Slavonia (Magistrate building, Trg Sv. Trinity 2) from July 3 through August 31, 2014.