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The Stanczak Color Quarterly

The Stanczak Color Quarterly celebrates seminal Op Artist and master colorist Julian Stanczak (1928–2017). Each issue features an in-depth look at one of Stanczak’s works alongside a round-up of current and recent exhibitions and press highlights. Plus, we offer a peek into the Stanczak Foundation archives. Read on for more.

Warm Yellow: A painting ‘drawn’ using tape.

Late in his career, a newfound sense of freedom led Stanczak to explore impulse and intuition in painting. The undulating curves in Warm Yellow are the result of Stanczak’s confident application of his signature tape, now placed in sweeping, free-form, unbroken lines. While the lines create organic shapes on the canvas, the start and stop point of each is anchored to a grid that stretches, with mathematical precision, from edge to edge.

“In these new paintings ... there was composition, projection, and experience, naturally, but also immediacy and risk-taking.” -Barbara Stanczak on Warm Yellow, 2014

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