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The Stanczak Color Quarterly

Welcome to the Stanczak Color Quarterly. This newsletter celebrates the work of seminal Op-Artist Julian Stanczak, honoring his rigorous investigation—and enduring love—of color. Our inaugural issue invites you to enjoy his 16-panel constellation painting Complementaries = Yellow, 2007. We hope it brightens your day, as well as your inbox. After that, read on for recent and upcoming Stanczak exhibitions and press highlights. Plus, this issue of the Color Quarterly offers a glimpse into the Stanczak Foundation archives. 

In creating this painting, Stanczak wanted to use complementary colors to create the illusion of yellows singing with multiple voices. He used relatively few actual yellows. Rather, each panel consists of six colors: three warm and three cool. These sets of warm and cool colors are paired and shift together, getting lighter or darker. 
Stanczak used different colors in each panel. Accordingly, each appears to have a slightly different “yellow” glow than the others. The shapes are the same from panel to panel, except that they are mirrored, reflected and turned. By grouping these individual paintings into one visual unit, Stanczak presents 16 vertical and horizontal twists in space that dance together in a symphony of colored yellow light.

The Mitchell-Innes & Nash exhibition Julian Stanczak: Seriality, featuring Complementaries = Yellow, was an Artnet “Editors’ Pick.” Artnet heralded the serial images for demonstrating “how Stanczak’s entrancing abstractions were grounded in observation of natural phenomena, such as the way light gradates from dawn to dusk or autumn shifts to spring.”