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Amanda Ross-Ho at Queens Museum of Art

Amanda Ross-Ho will be included in the exhibition Not the Way You Remembered at the Queens Museum of Art from April 10 - August 14. As museums have mounted more exhibitions from their permanent collections, revisiting their archives and breathing new life into years’ worth of holdings, this generation’s artists are also looking back-revisiting materiality, composing and recombining nontraditional materials, perhaps out of necessity, or as a comment on a collective loss of intimacy through lives lived online. NOT THE WAY YOU REMEMBERED explores how collecting and displaying personal, physical objects creates and recreates memories and associations, both individual and collective. Participating artists are Taylor Baldwin, Clifford Borress, Barb Choit, Brendan Fowler, Ted Gahl, Rashawn Griffin, Faten Kanaan, Zak Kitnick, Jason Lazarus, Lauren Luloff, Dave Murray, Amanda Ross-Ho, Jean Shin, Hayley Silverman, Agathe Snow, and Bryan Zanisnik. The exhibition is curated by Jamillah James, Queens Museum of Art Van Lier Fund Fellow.


AMANDA ROSS-HO Untitled Still Life (STARDUST MEMORIES) 2011 Sheetrock, latex paint, graphite, found images, promotional still, linen tape, single earring 24 by 18 in. 61 by 45.7 cm.