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PAT O'NEILL 7362 1967

16mm transferred to digital
Duration: 9:40 min, loop

Mitchell-Innes & Nash congratulates Pat O'Neill on Three Answers at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, on view April 2- through August 4, 2019. The exhibition will comprise a 3-channel film installation of Saugus Series (1974/2014), along with presentations of 7362 (1967) and Let's Make a Sandwich (1978). Also included in the exhibition is a suite of related framed pieces and an online screening program. 

SFMOMA will hold a dedicated weekend spotlight of Saugus Series from June 6 through 9. A second film program on June 22 focuses on Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis, the screening collective that was active from 1976 to 1981 and whose founders included Pat and Beverly O’Neill.