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Support Pope.L's performance Pull!

Pull! an artwork about work.

Pope.L invites you to take part in his newest project - Pull! -a celebration of small city might, a performance-discussion on job rights and joblessness as well as an opportunity to do some work.

Pope.L in collaboration with the arts organization SPACES, has challenged the city of Cleveland to help him pull an 8 ton former ice cream truck, by hand, 34 miles from the eastside of the city to the westside over 3 days, June 7 to 9. And he needs your help to do it.

If you live in Cleveland (or plan to visit!), you can help pull the truck. If elsewhere, help us provide stipends to folks who'd like to participate in a volunteer art project but can't afford to. See our cute but edgy and informational fund raising video @ USA projects.

You can also send us images on work @ SPACES. Or just spread the word via Facebook or Twitter.

Pull! is a massive group effort, and we can't do it without you! It is a testament to the power of shared labor, and a chance to spark a national conversation about what work means to those who have jobs and want something better and those folks who just want a job.

Thank you for your support.

To support pull, visit:

To participate as a puller, visit: