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Published in conjunction with General Idea’s first solo exhibition in the U.S. in 10 years, this monograph contributes to the long lineage of artists books in the artist collective’s oeuvre. “Ziggurat: General Idea 1968-1994” serves to illustrate the pervasion of the signature ziggurat form in their body of work. Aiding their semi-fictional “1984 Miss General Idea Pageant,” the ziggurat was a representation of progress, power, and success and repeated, coupled, and combined to express control through a basic form. AA Bronson, the last living member of General Idea, was instrumental in creating this artist book— its design based on “Katsura: Tradition and Creation in Japanese Architecture," an influential publication from his childhood. The Ziggurat paintings are fully illustrated in color alongside images of drawings, installation, sculptures, and other works that incorporate the ziggurat form and is accompanied by a foreword written by Bronson and an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Published on the occasion of General Idea: Ziggurat at Mitchell-Innes & Nash. 

Conversation with AA Bronson and Hans Ulrich Obrist

ISBN 978-0-9986312-3-3

80 pages, fully illustrated with 20 color images and 50 black and white images.