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Press Release

Monday, June 13, 2016
6:00pm at Unlimited (Hall 1), Messe Basel

Mitchell-Innes & Nash announces The Problem, a new performance piece conceived by Pope.L staged for the opening of Unlimited during Art Basel in Basel.

"For The Problem, a white gorilla emerges from a white stretch limo at the entrance of the fair. Spilling white plantains onto the ground, the gorilla enters Unlimited, and wanders through the convention center, looking for something. Its mate? Its cage? Its formal organization via an enactment of a ritual? The beast drops more white things as it wanders. Eventually, the entity finds what it is looking for: an exhibition space containing a set of paintings called Circa by the famous negro artist Pope.L. The gorilla ignores the paintings and searches behind them, finally extracting five fat stacks of currency. The creature exits, leaving behind a garden gnome painted completely white except for a black-faced nose." - Pope.L