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Press Release

Mitchell-Innes & Nash is delighted to present a collection of Pre-Columbian Art alongside a selection of Twentieth century works on paper by artists such as Willem de Kooning, Robert Mangold, Brice Marden, Andy Warhol, Joel Shapiro and Arshile Gorky.  The exhibition is currently on view at 1018 Madison Avenue through June 29, 2018. 

Highlights of the Pre-Columbian works include an Olmec Weir Jaguar Mask dating from the Pre-Classic Period, circa 1200 - 500, B.C., a delicately painted Mayan Vase depicting a Ruler undergoing an Enema Ritual, circa 600, A.D., and a stone Yoke, freely carved with serpent symbols, that was worn in a ritual ballgame, circa 500, AD. Among the many other outstanding pieces are works in jade, terracotta and various rare stones, from throughout the early native cultures of The New World.

All works are for sale and offered individually. For sales inquiries, please email David Nash or Lucy Dew at The exhibition is open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call 212-744-7400.