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JAY DeFEO White Water 1989

White Water
Oil on linen
16 1/8 by 12 in. 41 by 30.5 cm.

KELTIE FERRIS Uproar Downroar 2017

Uproar Downroar
Oil and acrylic on canvas
72 by 60 in. 182.9 by 152.4 cm.


Oil and acrylic on canvas
90 by 80 in. 228.6 by 203.2 cm.

CHRIS JOHANSON Magic Right Now 2001

Magic Right Now
Acrylic on wood
12 3/8 by 48 by 4 in. 31.4 by 121.9 by 10.2 cm.

KIKI KOGELNIK Dynamite Darling

Dynamite Darling
Oil and acrylic on canvas
72 by 48 in. 182.9 by 121.9 cm.

POPE.L Calendar 2020

Acrylic, oil, oil stick, ink, ballpoint pen and charcoal on paper
Thirty sheets, each: 12 by 9 in. 30.5 by 22.9 cm.

Press Release

Mitchell-Innes & Nash is pleased to present a group show of works by artists in the gallery’s program at Gallery 181 in San Francisco. Opening on Friday, October 15th, the show will run through December 31st and will be open to visitors by appointment only. Housed in an unconventional exhibition space – a penthouse residence at 181 Fremont, a stone’s throw from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – the group show is organized into discrete “mini presentations” arranged throughout the residence, featuring over 40 works by 16 artists.

Highlights include a three-person presentation in the living room, featuring works by Sarah Braman, Keltie Ferris and Julian Stanczak. While their respective practices vary considerably in style and technical approach, each artist has expressed through their non-figurative work the influence of forms found in nature, as well as an interest in experimenting with different perspectival systems through textural juxtapositions and trompe l’oeil effects.

In the library, a solo presentation of works by Pope.L includes a major, multi-panel piece titled Calendar from the artist’s ongoing Skin Set series – a body of work that serves as one of the conceptual underpinnings of Pope.L’s practice and which draws attention to how arbitrarily we use color, or colored terms and racial epithets to create meaning. Accompanying Calendar is one of Pope.L’s alcohol shelves – a sculptural work that addresses issues of cultural appropriation and consumption, substance abuse and societal alienation.

The work of Nancy Graves and Kiki Kogelnik are paired together in the master bedroom. Despite the significant overlaps in their social and professional circles, the paths of these two artists surprisingly never crossed. However, their respective paintings and sculptures show a shared interest in capturing the ambitions and concerns of the era that heralded the world into the Information Age.

In the entry foyer, one of the last paintings made by Jay DeFeo is accompanied by new works on paper by Karl Haendel and Eddie Martinez, along with a wall sculpture of enlarged keys, by Amanda Ross-Ho, replicated from real-world examples that provide access to exclusive cultural and private venues in Basel, Switzerland. In the kitchen, paintings and sculpture by Chris Johanson are joined by a chair and ottoman designed by both Johanson and Johanna Jackson. A selection works by Mary Kelly, Martin Kersels, Annette Lemieux will also be on view, in addition to a pair of c-prints by Jacolby Satterwhite that freeze his rich digital animations into complex, forceful images teeming with detail and a suite of wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures by Jessica Stockholder that transform mundane objects into complex, joyful special configurations.

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