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Barbara Pollack
Paul Winstanley November 2011

Paintings based on photographs often deaden the vivacity of the original image. But British artist Paul Winstanley proves that this needn't be the case. 

Joseph R. Wolin
Time Out NY
Review: Paul Winstanley October 2011

Paul Winstanley photorealistically paints nondescript places and anonymous figures—usually looking out of the picture and away from the viewer—in a soft-focus manner la Gerhard Richter.

Jan Tumlir
Paul Winstanley: 1301PE December 2010

For the past three decades, British artist Paul Winstanley has been painting the future past--that utopian architectural imaginary of the postwar years concretized in a range of quasi-public/quasi-private milieus, from the airport to the hospital--making only the most incremental variations in his address of the subject matter from one show to the next. 

Louise Menzies
Paul Winstanley: Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand May 2008

Known for his paintings based on photographs of uninhabited interiors and landscapes, British painter Paul Winstanley has been doing basically the same thing for a long time.